Dog Grooming Services in Union City,NJ

Give Your Pup the Ultimate Dog Grooming Experience

With our full-service dog grooming service in Union City NJ, and the surrounding area, we aim to be the exciting place where your pup loves to get pampered.

Full-service Dog Grooming

We Offer a Complete Dog Grooming Service

Depending on what your pup needs, we provide a complete dog grooming service in NJ. From basic puppy trims to a full-service groom including nail trims, haircuts, or even de-matting we've got your furry friend covered. We believe in creating an inclusive community, so ALL dogs are welcome!

Quality Service

Because Every Dog Deserves to Look Their Best!

Our priority is the safety and happiness of your four legged friend. Our dog groomers use high quality dog grooming products and the latest equipment to make sure your furry family member looks their best after every visit.

Dog Grooming Pricing


A la Carte Services

*Prices do not include NJ State Tax of 6.625%

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Dog grooming costs vary based on a number of different variables. Some variables could be the dog breed, size, type of fur, haircut style. Our full-service groom starts at $60 while our Bath and Brush start at $45. 

We also offer a la carte services such as nail trimming or grinding, ear cleaning, de-matting, and more. 

A full service  groom includes bath and a brush, haircut, and sanitary trim. A bath and brush is literally a bath and brush and does not include a hair cut. 

Our dog grooming service includes a bath, brush, haircut, and sanitary trim. You can also add a la  carte services like, nail trims, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

Dog grooming typically takes 2 to 3 hours depending on the dog size, coat, and temperament.