Overnight Dog Boarding in Union City

Endless Freedom & Unmatched Care with our open-concept Overnight Dog Boarding

Give your beloved dog the ultimate home-like experience at our open-concept overnight dog boarding facility in Union City, NJ. With a focus on their comfort, enjoyment, and well-being, our dedicated team ensures that every moment of their stay is filled with freedom, happiness, and personalized care.
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Spacious & Comfortable Accommodations

No Kennels, Just Bliss: Experience Open-Concept Boarding

Traditional dog boarding can often feel confined and overwhelming. At Puppy University ®, we believe in providing a different kind of experience. We've completely reimagined dog boarding to prioritize the ultimate comfort, relaxation, and freedom of your furry friend.

Instead of confining them to conventional kennels, our boarding guests enjoy a spacious and open environment. They can stretch out on comfy cots to unwind after a day filled with fun and adventure. We want every dog to feel at ease and truly enjoy their stay with us, creating memories of comfort and joy.

24/7 Supervision & Individual Attention

Tail-Wagging Attention: 24/7 Care for Happier Stays

Each pup receives 24/7 supervision and personalized attention from our dedicated staff, ensuring their wellbeing and providing a sense of security. Our team of trained professionals are passionate about making sure every dog feels safe, comfortable, and loved throughout their stay.

Our goal is to make their time with us a memorable and happy experience, filled with boundless love and attention.

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Dog Boarding Price & Information

Dorming at Puppy U - $85 / Night

Dorming at Puppy U is a unique open-concept boarding experience! Picture this - a day packed with 11 exhilarating hours of play in our daycare, followed by a serene slumber in our kennel-free nesting spots! It's the perfect medley of play and relaxation!


  • Must pass Meet & Greet
  • Must be current on Bordetella, DHPP, and Rabies
  • Male pups over 6 months must be fixed
  • Female pups experiencing their heat cycle cannot be present

What to Bring

Food: Pack enough to last the full stay
Treats: Bring their faves for extra fun
Medication: Bring medication (if any) and detailed instructions for proper administration
What to Leave at Home: Toys, beds, bowls


We're biased, so we let our customers do the talking!

Frequently Asked Questions

At our facility, we require male dogs over 6 months be neutered. Female dogs do not have to be spayed, but they can not be present in the facility if they are experiencing their heat cycle.

We aim to provide a secure environment for all our furry guests. This helps maintain safety and minimize conflicts.

Your dog does not have to be a current member of our daycare. However, all dogs must pass a Meet & Greet to determine eligibility prior to their boarding stay. We also recommend your dog visit our daycare 1-3 times before boarding in order to ease the transition, become comfortable in our facility and ensure a more enjoyable and stress-free experience.

All boarding dogs will participate in our dog daycare during the day.

Yes, our caring staff are on-site 24/7 to monitor, care for, and play with the dogs overnight during their boarding stay. Dogs are never left unattended.

Boarding costs vary by facility, amenities offered, location, and other factors like peak seasons.

Our daily boarding rate is $85 per night. We offer a 10% discount for stays longer than 10 nights.

Peak dates have an additional $15 dollars added per night.

Because we offer an open-concept overnight boarding service, all dogs have to be friendly and pass our Meet & Greet in order to be considered for boarding.